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Hands and Feet

For all my manicure and pedicure treatments I use industry leading premium brands including Elim Medi Heel, CND (Creative Nail Design) nail services Shellac and Vinylux polish alongside my chosen Gel brand, Bio Sculpture.

Now I hear you ask, what is right for me?

Well, If you have good, healthy natural nails and are looking for nails that are smudge and scratch free, have zero drying time and an amazing mirror shine for up to 14 days? CND Shellac is for you!

If perhaps your natural nails are in need of a little TLC, and maybe you require a service with a little more strength, then Bio Sculpture is for you. Bio Sculpture is a uniquely prescriptive service that will not only give you up to 3 weeks beautiful wear, it’s also a service that your nails will love with it’s nail health promoting formulas.

If you prefer a more traditional treatment, along with Shellac ‘super polish’ and Bio Gel,  I also provide traditional manicure and pedicure treatments, using CND’s amazing 7 day wear polish, Vinylux.

Hands & Feet Beautician


Shellac is the award winning power polish from CND. Shellac is hypo-allergenic and 3 free. Applied to your natural nail Shellac is then cured under a UV light so at the end of your service you are immediately left with dry, shiny, beautiful nails with chip free wear for up to 14 days+. When you want your Shellac removed, it simply soaks off in 10 minutes.

  • Shellac manicure

    Full manicure with Shellac plain colour application.

  • Shellac French manicure

    Full manicure with a Shellac French Manicured finish

  • Shellac with Nail Art

    Additional nail art details added to your Shellac service. If you are after a particular design or a design that is very intricate please contact me ahead of your appointment to have a chat.

    From £3
  • Shellac removal and reapplication

    Removal of existing Shellac, full manicure and finished with a re application of new Shellac.

  • Shellac removal and manicure

    Removal of Shellac followed by a mini manicure with nails buffed to a natural shine.

  • Shellac Pedicure

    Express pedicure with Shellac application.

  • Shellac toes removal and reapplication

    Removal of your existing Shellac, express pedicure and finished with a new Shellac application.

  • Shellac toes removal

    Removal of existing Shellac toes with an express pedicure with a natural nail finish.



For those who want a traditional file and polish, I use CND Vinylux polish. Launched in May 2013, Vinylux is a one of a kind polish that can last for up to a week chip free, it requires no base coat and dries within eight minutes. Unlike other polish brands that start to break down from the moment it is applied, Vinylux contains a revolutionary patent-pending pro light technology that reacts with natural and ambient lighting to become stronger the longer you wear it!

  • Express Manicure

    Cuticle work, File and Polish

  • Express Pedicure

    Cuticle work, file and polish.


Elim Medi Heel Pedicures

If you fancy treating your feet look no further than an Elim pedicure. Lovingly known as a ‘facial for your feet’, this treatment has totally transformed the traditional pedicure by saying goodbye to scary blades, abrasive files and harsh scrubs. Fun fact; did you know that the action of filing and blading sends trauma messages to our brain which results in the overproduction and excessive build up of hard skin and ultimately, the formation of calluses!

The Elim Medi Heel treatment uses a gentle pH altering formula to break down the protein bonds in the skin which bind together the very top layers of skin which form hardened skin and calluses. The areas are then gently removed using a blunt scraper and gently refined with a pumice stone. Lastly a pH neutraliser is applied to rebalance the treated areas. These steps can be performed as a stand alone treatment, however for the ultimate treat for your feet, the process continues with the application of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid Foot Exfoliant underneath an Ultra Mud masque. This is left on for 5 minutes before soaking feet in a warm bath containing Elim Spa Additive. Finally the treatment ends with a lovely lower leg and foot massage using the Elim Foot perfector cream.

  • Express Elim Medi Heel

    Whilst the Elim tonic gets to work breaking down those areas of hard skin, your toenails will be shaped and cuticles tidied. The hard skin will then be gently removed and refined with pH neutraliser applied to rebalance. Your pedicure will finish with a lovely lower leg and foot massage with the Elim foot perfector cream.

  • Luxury Elim Pedicure

    Everything included in the Express Medi Heel treatment with the addition of a gorgeous AHA exfoliating scrub and hydrating Elim Mud masque. The feet are then cleansed in a foot bath full of Spa Additive salts and massaged to finish.

  • ADD ON: CND Vinylux Polish

    Add a CND Vinylux polish finish to any Elim Pedicure

  • ADD ON: CND Shellac

    Add a CND Shellac finish to any Elim Pedicure

  • ADD ON: Bio Gel Application

    Add a Bio Sculpture finish to any Elim Pedicure


IBX Nail Strengthen and Repair

IBX Nail treatment is a penetrating, toughening agent that fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity. This is a fabulous treatment for anyone suffering from weak, brittle or damaged nails. IBX can be applied as a stand alone treatment or used in conjunction with CND Shellac. The results are fantastic!

  • IBX Stand alone treatment

    A full manicure consisting of full cuticle work, nail filing finished with IBX application to help strengthen and repair weak, brittle nails.

  • IBX Under Shellac

    IBX application under Shellac. Perfect for those that need the repairing benefits underneath a beautiful, 2 week long manicure

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